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Obsequieum Documentation

Editing the artist/album/track information

There is now an 'admin' mode that allows the admin to change the data in the SQL server via the web interface. This method sure as hell beats writing SQL scripts to modify the data.

If you bring up the web interface for obs using /obs you can now enter the admin mode by going to the /obs/admin page. Essentially, the admin pages look a lot like the normal pages, except that more links are now available. Each of the artist, album and track names can be clicked to bring up a panel that allows you to change its properties.

This page is by default not protected. If you need to limit access to your database, you might want to set a .htaccess file into the admin directories to make users enter a password before changing the data in the database. See the Apache docs for details on how to do this.

The admin pages are also available for the DJ Random mode.

Using SHOUTcast style streaming with Obsequeium

If you would like to use SHOUTcast style streaming instead of RTP/Multicast streaming, then you will need to do the following items:

  • Download and setup and Icecast or SHOUTcast server.
  • Download libshout 1.0.7-rk, the libshout 1.0.7 taken from the icecast CVS and fixed up to make sure it can be used with C++ programs like Obs. If you use an older version of libshout some of your mp3s may skip while being streamed by Obs.
  • In obs.conf, comment out (place # in front of) all the RTP/Multicast network configuration items (BroadcastAddr, BroadcastPort, TitlePort, and Broadcast TTL) and uncomment all the Icecast network configuration items (IcecastAddr, IcecastPort, IcecastPassword, IcecastName, IcecastDescription, IcecastIcyCompat, IcecastMount and IcecastPublic)
  • Change all the Icecast config options to work with your Icecast/SHOUTcast server. See an explanation for the Icecast settings below.

IcecastAddr: The IP address (not a name) of your Icecast server
IcecastPort: The port on which your Icecast server is running
IcecastPassword: The encoder password that obs must give to log into the icecast server
IcecastName: The name of the stream
IcecastDescription: A short description of the stream.
IcecastIcyCompat: Talk to the server using icy commands or using icecast commands. This must be set to yes for sending streams to a SHOUTcast server.
IcecastMount: [Icecast only] The name of the mount point for this stream
IcecastPublic: Set to yes if you'd like the icecast server to publicly announce the availibilty of your stream.

For more details on these settings, please see the documentation for libshout and icecast. When Obsequieum starts up, it will start transmitting a stream to the icecast server. You can then listen to the Obs stream via HTTP from the icecast server.